At Seafarix, we provide car OEMs with innovative, cost-effective solutions designed to enhance their customer experience and unlock new revenue streams.

Our technologies enable OEMs to remain independent from Big Tech, ensuring they retain full control over their entire value chain.

Navigating Automotive Innovation

History of Seafarix

Our journey began at Jolla, a unique privacy focused mobile OS company. Seafarix harnesses invaluable industry expertise to drive our mission of meeting the evolving needs of automotive clients. With a foundation built on decades of experience, our team delivers cutting-edge technological solutions designed to propel your business forward.

Our expansive expertise in OS development spans from Nokia’s MeeGo to Jolla’s Sailfish OS and the Android ecosystem.

Privacy & Control

Our technology enables Linux-based platforms to maintain complete control over their internal features and data privacy. Partnering with us, OEMs can concentrate on crafting unique innovation roadmaps, ensuring that user experiences remain fully distinctive and unparalleled. With AppSupport, performance and efficiency surpass competing solutions.

Integrating seamlessly with native system UX, AppSupport avoids reliance on the Android Homescreen UI, enabling fully customizable user experiences.

Our Expertise

Our highly skilled engineering team has vast expertise from a variety of fields. Seafarix offers a suite of technological services to the clientele, helping them unleash innovation for success. We don’t just build software; we weave it seamlessly, bringing the client’s vision to life!​

Software Engineering Excellence – Digital Landscape Mastery – Art of Integration

Application Framework Development

Pioneering solutions that drive efficiency and innovation for new and existing applications.

Android Mastery

Elevating user experiences through cutting-edge unique Android Framework integration solutions on top of Linux Platforms.

Linux OS Expertise

Harnessing the power of Linux for rock-solid, secure systems. 200+ years of combined experience of solving issues from Kernel all the way up to the User Interface.​

Strategic Software Consulting

Guiding your projects with industry insight and strategic vision allowing long-term sustainability and risk mitigation.​

Software Architecture Leadership

Building the foundation for scalable, future-proof software solutions. Enhancing the current architecture to ensure easy and cost-efficient future maintenance and updatability.

Performance Optimization

Enhancing the speed, efficiency, and reliability of your software, ensuring peak performance and customer satisfaction.​



The Bridge: enables you to run any Android apps on any Linux Platform seamlessly

Our flagship product, AppSupport, offers seamless integration of popular content into native UI. In production since 2013, adopted by several automotive OEMs.

Product Roadmap

Stay tuned for exciting new technological solutions: empowering automotive OEMs to prioritize digital privacy and monetize Infotainment and Productivity innovation! Here’s a sneak peek—more details coming soon.

SeaTouch AI

Revolutionizing HMI with AI
Introducing an Alternative Input Method for Infotainment Systems, allowing framework independent Voice-Controlled Operations across various apps.
Patent pending.

Mobile Roadsense

Maximizing Vehicle Technology Value with AI
AI-Powered Analysis of Road Data, incl. potholes and anomalies, utilizing existing vehicle cameras and sensors without the need for expensive video/photo recognition algorhytms.
Generates additional revenue streams for OEMs.
Patent pending.

Personal productivity AI

Enhancing Vehicle Infotainment
Integration of a local AI Assistant service, that also serves as a router to cloud-based AI tools, naturally solely with the user’s permission.
Patent pending.

Leadership Team

Meet our versatile management team, dedicated to the Seafarix mission.

We would not be here without our highly-skilled engineer team, whose expertise is the backbone of our stellar technology.

Petteri Paasila

Co-Founder & CEO

Marko Saukko


Harri Kairento


Simon C. Morris

Executive Advisor

We are committed to supporting the automotive OEMs in preserving their independence from big tech and retaining control over their entire value chain. Our technology has already been adopted by some of the leading automotive companies, and we are looking forward to many more partnerships to come. Reach out to explore the limitless possibilities ahead.

Petteri Paasila, Co-Founder & CEO

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