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This November 2023 marks the birth of our new automotive software company Seafarix! Our story originates from mobile OS company Jolla, from where our team has gained a wealth of industry expertise to drive our mission to succeed with our automotive customers.

We are primarily committed to the automotive industry, ensuring a concentrated and specialized approach. We understand the intricate workings of automotive and operating system software, from architecture to licensing, and open-source solutions.

As Software becomes more and more critical in the heart of modern vehicles, traditional automakers are struggling to ramp up their in-house software capabilities and keep up with disruptive new players. OEMs have a real need to differentiate and retain strategic independence from big tech and succeed under the pressure of costs and looming SOP deadlines.

Our team has decades of rock-solid experience and unique know-how from OS development in the mobile world, all the way from Nokia’s MeeGo operating system to Jolla’s Sailfish OS and AppSupport technology. We have the ability to offer cutting-edge unique Android Framework integration solutions on top of Linux Platforms, enabling the OEM to provide popular content seamlessly woven into their native UI.

Overall, we have deep understanding of the struggle OEMs have with software, and we can help them innovate and save time and money under pressure.
To cut it short: with our help, automotive OEMs can stay independent from big tech and keep tight control of their entire value chain.

We realize it’s a big promise, but we have the ability to make it happen!

While we build our new flashy website, please follow us on LinkedIn or contact us.

Petteri Paasila, CEO

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